How it Began

The idea to write a book about the Lord’s Prayer came from positive feedback I received on an article  I wrote and posted on Helium in 2009.
The  Lord's Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 is one of the simpler prayers in the Bible yet so often misunderstood. We place so much emphasis on reciting the words that oftentimes we miss the lessons Jesus was trying to teach His disciples. If we are to comprehend the Lord's Prayer and have the words perform the life-changing actions the Lord intended, we need to fully understand the lessons He taught prior to giving us this model prayer.           

Why was it important for the Lord to teach the principle of us saying only what we mean?  

He wanted us to understand that we would be held accountable when we repeat the words of the Lord’s Prayer and He knew how serious the words of the prayer would be.
I hope that after reading this book, you will find new meaning in the words of the prayer and that your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ would be strengthened.

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The book "I Dare You say the words" is  the first in the series Understanding Before I Pray

Stay tuned for more publications by the author.